Our Vision

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The world is filled with secrets and mysteries. If one opens one’s eyes, there are a million things to know, to discover and enjoy! It is this capacity in a child (and the child within us all!) that opens the key to a great life, great achievement, great happiness….

Some people live like this. They have seen and understood this incredible world of ours and hence their life is a joyous adventure and endless excitement. Every child is special and unique. If we ignore his outward personality, just scratch the surface and give him a chance, he will surprise you with his talent, creativity and energy.

The vision of chandrabala is to entertain, educate, awaken, inform and make the child realize the beauty and wonder of our world. He must realize how thrilling and exciting the world is. We want to go beyond only mirror entertainment & giving superficial information. We want to give entertainment a new meaning, value and power!

Our Vision Statement

To inspire, entertain, awaken, and guide the individual so that he discovers his value and the value of life and thus goes on to give a special, unique meaning to his life by tapping and unleashing his special abilities and latent powers.

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